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Preserving the Quality of Cannabis: Insights from Cannasseur Club and Delta 9 Analytics

Cannabis enthusiasts know how important it is to maintain the quality and potency of their products. Recent findings from Delta 9 Analytics have highlighted the importance of appropriate retention solutions. A comparative study of Cannasseur Club humidors and conventional glass vessels demonstrated the superiority of Cannasseur Club storage solutions in preserving terpenes and cannabinoids.

Cannasseur Club, known for its sustainably handcrafted humidors in Berlin, offers a stylish and functional approach to cannabis storage. These humidors provide an optimal environment for cannabis, with a regulated humidity of 62% RH and built-in hygrometers to monitor conditions. This attention to detail ensures that the cannabis remains fresh and potent.

Methodology of the study

This study was extremely comprehensive, with over 100 analyzes from various storage scenarios. By using the HPLC method in the laboratory, we obtained accurate and comprehensive data of 33 terpenes and 10 cannabinoids for each analysis.

Our study began with the evaluation of a high-quality flower sample, which was then divided equally and stored in a Cannasseur humidor and a transparent glass jar for two weeks.

The HPLC method (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) used in the laboratory is a sophisticated analysis technique. It plays a crucial role in the accurate analysis of cannabis products. By using HPLC, the laboratory can precisely separate, identify and quantify the individual compounds in cannabis. This is particularly important for determining the levels of cannabinoids and terpenes, which are crucial to the quality and effects of cannabis. The use of HPLC underlines the commitment to high standards of product testing and quality assurance, ensuring consumers receive reliable and consistent products.

Humidors vs. clear glass: the results

Significant results in cannabis storage were achieved in just two weeks. There was an impressive 1% increase in THC in the Cannasseur humidor, while there was a decrease of 2.6% THC in the clear glass jar. The humidor protected the terpenes effectively, with only 1.2% loss, as opposed to 30% terpene loss in the clear glass. The cannabis stored in the Cannasseur humidor showed minimal terpene loss of just 0.02%, which is remarkable compared to the clear glass which suffered 20 times more loss. This equates to a loss of a third of terpenes in just 14 days. Additionally, there was a 1% increase in cannabinoids in the humidor, while there was a 2.4% decrease in the glass.

To view individual evaluations, please simply click on the corresponding image.

How humidors work

In this section we present the innovative functionality of the Cannasseur humidors. These are specifically designed to preserve the quality of cannabis through optimal storage conditions. The custom seal guarantees 100% airtight storage, while the biophotonic glass filters out harmful radiation. The integrated Boveda Humidity Pack regulates the humidity, and a hygrometer enables constant monitoring. These features ensure that your buds retain their potency, aroma, and color. For ideal storage, cannabis requires a humidity of 55 to 65% RH and a temperature of 15-21°C. Proper storage is crucial as cannabis is rich in terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids, which degrade without suitable conditions and lose their effectiveness. Improper storage can lead to drying out, deterioration in taste, loss of potency and mold formation.

Hygrometer instructions

Why violet glass?

If a natural product continues to be exposed to the full spectrum of sunlight after it has reached maturity, molecular decay will accelerate. The unique properties of violet glass filter out the more harmful rays of the visible light spectrum and allow some UVA and infrared rays to pass through, keeping products inside fresher for longer.

Terpenes Protect

Terpenes are what make cannabis the great plant it is. Without terpenes, cannabis would be monotonous, odorless and significantly less potent. Without a protective shield, these all-important components stored in the plant's trichomes are at risk of evaporation.

In fact, even when stored in apparently airtight containers, 40% of cannabis terpenes are lost within the first week - unless they are properly protected.

Terpenes are responsible for:

Along with cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBG, etc.) and flavonoids, terpenes are stored in the plant's trichomes. Trichomes are the transparent, hair-like and bulbous structures on the surface of cannabis flowers, some of which can also be found on stems and leaves, and give the plant a frosty white and glittering appearance.

Terpenes evaporate quickly

Oxygen, even (when stored) in sealed storage containers or Tupperware™, causes plant trichomes to be damaged and destroyed. The rich terpenes stored in it disappear, ultimately reducing the quality of your buds. Boveda Humidity Packs create a protective layer of purified water molecules that protects trichomes from damage and preserves terpenes until it's time to crush and enjoy your buds.

Boveda is the world leader in 2-way
Moisture regulation and manufacturer of the Original Terpene ShieldTM. Made from natural salts and purified water, the Humidity Packs release or absorb moisture as needed. This creates a perfect climate inside our humidors so that terpenes, trichomes and cannabinoids are optimally protected.

Terpene protection made easy

Using the Boveda Humidity Packs is child's play. Simply remove the outer packaging and they are ready to use.

Place the Boveda Humidity Pack in the Cannasser Club Humidor and close the lid

The patented 2-way moisture regulation is available in different sizes. Our humidors already contain the matching Boveda Humidity Pack in the right size.


Boveda Humidity Packs create a layer of purified water molecules that forms a protective cover over your buds inside the airtight container, keeping your valuable terpenes intact until use.

Enjoy fresh buds
When you're ready, open the humidor and chop up your buds. The terpenes released create an intense

Aroma and a full-bodied taste experience when smoking or vaping.

Our study impressively underlines how crucial correct storage is for the quality of cannabis. With a cannasseur humidor you can ensure your buds retain their potency and aroma. Don't wait any longer, get your humidor now and experience the difference for yourself!
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