Warum ist Cannabis lagern wichtig?

Why is storing cannabis important?

Cannabis is a natural substance. If it is not protected from environmental influences, the substances it contains will degrade. Only when stored appropriately are terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids preserved so that they do not lose any of their potency even after several months. As a basic rule, cannabis should be stored airtight and dark with a constant humidity of 62% and a temperature of 16-22°C.

Improper cannabis storage poses various risks:

  • Buds dry out and impair the consumption experience

  • Loss of taste due to breakdown of terpenes

  • Loss of active ingredient due to the breakdown of cannabinoids

  • Unregulated humidity promotes the formation of mold

Storing Cannabis Properly: Important Variables When Storing Cannabis

Various factors play a crucial role in the optimal storage of cannabis to ensure that active ingredients are preserved.


UV radiation promotes the breakdown of cannabinoids. If buds are exposed to radiation for too long, they lose effectiveness as the active ingredients contained in the trichomes break down. Sunrays are particularly rich in UV light, which is why it is best to use special types of glass that block the radiation. Alternatively, cannabis must be stored in a container in a dark place.


Temperature is an important factor when storing cannabis. It contributes a not insignificant part to the formation of mold. Molds thrive at a temperature of 25-30°C. It is therefore essential to store cannabis in a cool place - ideally at 16 - 22°C.

Temperatures that are too high above 20 °C accelerate the breakdown of active ingredients, whereas trichomes, in which the active ingredients are stored, freeze and become brittle if temperatures are too low.


While cannabis plants require oxygen during growth, it can accelerate the degeneration process of grafted buds. Cannabis should definitely be used in an airtight and odor-proof container to ensure constant humidity.


When it comes to optimally storing cannabis, humidity is a crucial variable. Too low humidity causes buds to dry out. If the humidity is too high, the risk of mold formation or the development of mildew increases. The optimal humidity for storing cannabis is in the range of 54-63%. Means for regulating air humidity, such as the Boveda Humidity Packs, release or absorb moisture as required, so that the value is corrected in both directions.

Cannabis Storage: Why a Violet Glass Cannabis Humidor?

Light accelerates molecular degradation processes. While it can penetrate white glass unfiltered, violet glass blocks the entire spectrum of visible light, with the exception of the violet component. Violet light can help ensure that the sensitive cellular energy inside products is maintained at a particularly high quality.

Violet glass acts as a biophotonic glass packaging for natural products. Thanks to the unique properties, products inside are protected from harmful light rays and cannabis shelf life is increased. Because only a certain proportion of UV-A and infrared radiation is allowed through, the contents remain optimally protected from aging processes that are accelerated by visible light.

How long does cannabis last?

Proper storage can significantly extend the shelf life of cannabis. Because of the larger surface area, THC in weed breaks down more quickly than in hashish. Proper storage of cannabis ensures that potency and cannabinoid content remain at a consistently high level even after a year.

Cannabis storage is a crucial part of maintaining the quality of the final product.

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