The right Cannabis Storage

How the humidor works

- Custom-made seal ensures 100% smell-proof storage

- Biophotonic violet glass filters harmful radiation

- Boveda® Humidity Pack regulates the humidity inside

- Built-in hygrometer lets you monitor humidity & temperature

This guarantees that your buds retain their potency, aroma and color. The optimal humidity for storing cannabis flowers is in the range of 55-65%RH. The temperature should be between 16-22°C.

Why violet glass?

If a natural product continues to be exposed to the full spectrum of sunlight after it has reached maturity, molecular decay will accelerate.

The unique properties of violet glass filter out the more harmful rays of the visible light spectrum and allow some UVA and infrared rays to pass through, keeping products inside fresher for longer.

Biophotonic energy

Scientists describe biophotons as a faint glow in living cells. They can help to energetically optimize radiation fields. The word “bio” comes from Greek and means life, “photon” means light.

Since natural products absorb solar energy, a high number of photons gives a very good indication of the potency and quality of the product.

Terpenes protect with Boveda

Terpenes are chemical compounds that are responsible for the various smells typical of cannabis. We work with Boveda, the world leader in reciprocal moisture control.

Boveda guarantees optimal humidity. Depending on your needs, moisture is either released or absorbed. This creates a perfect climate inside our humidors so that terpenes, trichomes and cannabinoids are optimally protected.